Before transitioning through surgery I had tendencies towards dressing in sexy clothing but after surgery those tendencies went away. Coupled with that the majority of the time was in my house as I knew I could draw attention from those who would do harm to me for being different.

Now I know that it’s not only myself but just about every cross dresser or transgender I have come in contact with are the same way, they present themselves in sexy clothes, no matter the age be it 16 or 70 years old although I think many over 65 do realize unless they are in a LGBT setting they stand out like a sore thumb. I never feel compelled to warn them of the dangers because most of them only go out to LGBT clubs. The few that do go out to other places tend not to dress sexy but age appropriate.

All I can say is if you are one who dreams about leaving the house in sexy clothing be sure that the clothing is age appropriate and that cisgender females in the area would wear this or similar clothing so not to stick out like a splattered bug on your windshield.

What prompted me to write this entry was after shopping today, saw a dress and my first thought was “would other woman my age wear this?” and I knew they would. I even added a cardigan to compliment the dress. And I don’t wear dresses or skirts very often outside of work and that is the trend in my area.