I decided that having French nails on both my fingers and toes is for me but still unsure about a sexual relationship. Having been on both sides of the gender fence I now know the desires from the male side which can range from having a quickie to a long term relationship while as a female I don’t want the quickie but instead meaningful foreplay which I find much more satisfying when finally climaxing.

I’ve learned that being with a female of the same mindset is much more fulfilling when the minds are running on the same tracks which is more likely than the rare cases of a man interested in pleasing a woman as most men (not all) only care about the release of their juices.

It’s not in my nature to simply have sex, instead I want, no I demand if there is sex/loving making it has to have passion on both sides. Funny thing is, I’ve been luck to have come close with men, females and the third gender.

I’ve learned that many times when at a bar it appears nobody pays any attention to me but then learn through others that is the complete opposite. At least three times since transitioning I’ve been in situations where after sitting for a while the man or woman I was attracted to did have similar feelings. Once a beautiful woman stood next to me, looked like she would not give me the time of day. She dropped stuff of the table we shared and when I went down to assist she stares me directly in my eye’s and says “let’s dance beautiful”.

We danced, kissed and embraced each other but sadly she was a married bi-sexual so that’s as far as things went.

Another time I had a similar encounter where when I passed a (way to young) young woman, directly after passing her she said, you smell and look sexy. I thanked her for the compliment, ordered my drink and sat down across the room. Five minutes later she scrolled over, sat down, my hips touching her hips. We chatted for about ten minutes when I informed her I was transgender, she looked at me, kissed me and said so what.

I was sitting there waiting for a group of cross dressers for a theme night of “Prom Night”. The cross dressers only knew me from online, never met.

They walk in, I see them and wave, the young female next to me waved at them too.

The cross dressers kind of dropped their jaws (later I found out because they didn’t recognize me and thought this was cool), came over and I introduced myself to them.

Later the young female while dancing asked for my phone to put her number in. After I left she kept texting me to come sleep with her (and I surely would have if not for the age difference, I have a daughter older them her).

The young female was my shade of nail polish but just a little to fresh.